Well that was short-lived...
Sadly, due to lack of demand, time, money, skill and literally everything Adventurers Bazaar is closing up. We will be at Larpcon 2018 to sell our final stock at cost. Come visit us! This website is staying up purely as a display guide for people looking for something in particular for Larpcon. Thank you for coming here and looking. I wish you all the best!
- Tom Bestow
Custom Items Now Available!
Welcome to Adventurers Bazaar! We are newly opened and will be adding new products frequently.
- Bazaar Owner
Got a suggestion of something you want to see? Let us know! Head to the Contact Us page and describe what you would like to see.
- Bazaar Owner
Got a picture of your Character/Adventurer with your newly purchased Adventurers Bazaar item? Send it to us and we'll give you a personal discount code!
- Bazaar Owner